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    Arbequina Oil

    Arbequina Oil in Spain

    Arbequina olive variety is a native of Palestine. It was introduced by the Duke of Medinaceli in the seventeenth century. The Duke lived in the castle of Arbeca, Catalonia, hence the name given to this variety is in honor of the town where he lived.

    The size of the fruit is the lesser of the varieties grown in Spain, between one and two grams (Gr 1-2).

    In terms of distribution, we can find in  Catalonia, Aragon, Andalusia in Spain and Rioja. It is the basis of modern intensive plantations since its low vigor allows a high density of plants.

    Besides, it is one of table olives used to produce an olive oil of high quality. Overall, olive oils based on this type of culture are more buttery, slightly spicy finish.