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    17 Classic Spanish Dishes You Need In Your Life

    17 Classic Spanish Dishes You Need In Your Life

    1. Churros Con Chocolate

    If you can imagine what fried dough + chocolate + love and warm hugs taste like, then you can imagine churros con chocolate. Get the recipe here.


    2. Paella

    Loaded with fresh seafood, rice, spices, and vegetables, Spaniards know how to feed a crowd the right way. Get the recipe here.


    3. Croquetas

    Potatoes. Cheese. Ham. Um, yes? Can’t go wrong with this dish. Get the recipe here.


    4. Patatas Bravas

    Spaniards one-up cheesy fries in this traditional tapas dish. Get the recipe here.


    5. Gazpacho

    Cold soup never tasted so good. Get the recipe here.


    6. Empanadas

    s this what heaven tastes like? Get this recipe for beef and potato empanadas here.


    7. Jamón Ibérico

    “But isn’t it just ham?” Oh no. No, it’s so much more. Find out what makes it’s so special here.


    8. Crema Catalana

    The Spanish version of Crème brûlée. Equally as delicious and equally as hard to say. Get the recipe here.

    9. Tortilla Española

    If a quiche and an omelet had a beautiful baby full of potatoes, it would be tortilla española. Get the recipe here.


    10. Albondigas

    Forget Swedish meatballs, Spanish meatballs are where it’s at. Albondigas are a traditional tapas snack . Get the recipe here.


    11. Bocadillos

    These sandwiches are not only delicious, but also super easy to make. Get the recipe here.


    12. San Jacobos

    With breaded chicken and ham and cheese on inside, San Jacobos are a flavor explosion in the best way. Get the recipe here.


    13. Pulpo A La Gallega

    Octopus may look freaky, but damn does it taste good. Get the recipe here.


    14. Pan Con Tomate

    It’s like the best part of the pizza crust. Get the recipe here.


    15. Fabada Asturiana

    his hearty Spanish stew combines all the best ingredients from beans to sausage and chorizo. Get the recipe here.


    16. Mallorcan Tumbet

    This traditional tapa from Majorca combines peppers, tomatoes, and olive oil to make a savory appetizer. Get the recipe here.


    17. Tigres

    Despite the name, there are NO tigers in this Spanish dish. “Tigres” consist of some delicious seafood done right by the Spaniards. Get the recipe here.

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