• In CHEF OLÉ we had the pleasure to welcomes you to the wonderful world of Spanish food. All our products have been tested for us and we have taken the time to visit each one of our Spanish partners, there are companies with more than 100 years of history producing the best products of Europe.



    Castilla y Leon



    Castilla y Leon is a Spanish autonomous community, referred to as “historical community” and “cultural” in its Statute of Autonomy.

    It consists of nine provinces: Ávila, Burgos, León, Palencia, Salamanca, Segovia, Soria, Valladolid and Zamora. It is the largest autonomous community in Spain.

    The Castilian-Leonese cuisine is widely known for the quality of its wines and meats. Some of its brands are known for worldwide quality: wines with 9 names, among which O.D. Ribera del Duero, O.D. Toro or O.D. Rueda.

    Sausages, cured meats or fresh meats, are present in 16 protected geographical indications with quality brands such as Guijuelo ham, Lechazo de Castilla y León, Segovia Piglet, Cecina de León or Chorizo ??de Cantimpalos.

    Among the dishes, we can find the roast lamb, roast suckling pig, garlic soup,  the importance of Saldaña beans, beans from El Barco de Avila, among others.

    The Castellano leonesa architecture is of great historical importance. Its artistic and architectural heritage leads it to have some top-level sets worldwide. It highlights both the civil and religious architecture.

    In addition, Castilla y León has three cities considered as a World Heritage Site by Unesco. They are Avila, Salamanca, and Segovia.