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    Extremadura is a Spanish autonomous community, located in the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula. It consists of the two largest provinces of Spain: Caceres and Badajoz.

    The Kingdom of Leon and the Kingdom of Castile conquered the Taifa of Badajoz between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. After the formation of the Crown of Castile by the union of both kingdoms in 1230, the province of Extremadura was created in 1371.

    The cuisine of Extremadura is the set of dishes and culinary traditions of the region of Extremadura. Some authors have called serious, and austere, pastoral dishes and campers.

    Extremadura is a grazing land, and cuisines include dishes with lamb: lamb stew, fried, Extremadura cachuela or chanfaina kid.

    Extremadura is a combination of culture and history.

    Among its beauties you can enjoy the City of Fregend de la Sierra, the slope of the Sierra, and Arco de la EstrellaCáceres.