• In CHEF OLÉ we had the pleasure to welcomes you to the wonderful world of Spanish food. All our products have been tested for us and we have taken the time to visit each one of our Spanish partners, there are companies with more than 100 years of history producing the best products of Europe.






    Navarra, is situated in the north of the Iberian Peninsula.  The Renaissance Navarre territory has as its capital in the city of Pamplona.

    The cuisine of Navarra, despite the influences received during centuries of Basque, La Rioja, and Aragon cuisines, has managed to gain a personality within preparations that can be found in the estellesa soup, crab soup, shepherd and waterfront. Legumes are very popular with white beans with chorizo ??de Pamplona or even tender ham, Tafalla ratatouille, thistles to Navarre or the red beans Baztán.

    One can say that Navarra has a wide variety of alternatives within its tourism, you can find the traditional tourism, to call in some way, and meet the Sanfermines, Irati, Zugarramurdi and Museum of witches, Camino Santiago, among others.