• In CHEF OLÉ we had the pleasure to welcomes you to the wonderful world of Spanish food. All our products have been tested for us and we have taken the time to visit each one of our Spanish partners, there are companies with more than 100 years of history producing the best products of Europe.



    Region of Murcia


    The climate and the beaches of Murcia make it prone to tourism.  The Sun and beaches, which is complemented by a growing interest in cultural and city tourism is focused on four major historical centers: Caravaca de la Cruz, Cartagena, Lorca, and Murcia, where we can enjoy La Manga with all the beautiful beaches that belong to this coast, and the Roman Theatre in Cartagena, among other attractions.

    The cuisine of the region of Murcia has influences from neighboring Castilla de la Mancha, Valencia, and Granada cuisine, in his menu we find Calasparra rice, rice bomb, cooked balls, Las mojamas, among others.