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    3 simple steps to prepare pulpo a la gallega (galician octopus) with Chef Olé.

    Spain has an extraordinarily rich and varied gastronomy, both in recipes as in the quality of its products. One of the main characteristics of the Spanish cuisine consists of using few spices in its recipes which give them an intensely delicious flavor in return.

    How to prepare a delicious pulpo a la gallega (galician octopus), rich and healthy.


    First of all, you will need these ingredients:

    • 2,2 lb octopus
    • 4 potatoes
    • 1 small onion
    • 2 bay laurel leaves
    • Hojiblanca Extra virgin olive oil
    • De La Vera Spicy Paprika
    • Gourmet citrus salt flakes

    We’ll proceed to the elaboration of this recipe in three simple steps:


    • Boil the octopus in a pot sufficiently filled with water, add the bay laurel leaves and the onion (peeled), then dip the octopus in and out of the water three times, which means it will shrink a little. Let it boil for 30 minutes, this is enough time to cook 2,2 lb of octopus. Once it’s cooked, lift the octopus from the water and let it rest for a bit, then cut it into rings.


    • In the same water you utilized to boil the octopus submerge the potatoes, once they are tender proceed to slice them, if you have a wooden plate lay the potatoes around it and place the octopus on top of them, if you don’t, then use a regular plate, it works too.


    • Finally, sprinkle some paprika on each layer, a little gourmet citrus salt and some extra virgin olive oil. These three ingredients from our Picasso Gift Box.

    As you can see this is an intensely rich plate, simple to make and at the same time lets you reminisce about that taste of home.

    If you want to escape the average meal and explore new flavors we invite you to try Galician Octopus with Chef Olé, an absolutely delicious dish.

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