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    Europe is one of the most dreamed of all to travel, Tortilla_español to know the culture and taste the gastronomy of each of the countries. In this opportunity we are in Madrid, Spain, where we learned of the gastronomy of the whole country and here we leave the 5 Spanish meals that we liked the most.

    The first is the famous Spanish omelet or tortilla de patatas, this one comes from 1817 and is of Navarrese origin although it can be delighted from Seville to Barcelona or La Coruña. We recommend two classic places to enjoy: La Casa de las Tortillas (Calle Zaragoza, 23, Guadalajara) or La Panela (Plaza María Pita, 12, A Coruña).

    Secondly we have the Andalusian Gazpacho, it is a traditional Andalusian gazpacho dish throughout Spain, despite the high temperatures this well cold dish never falls bad, since it is a cold soup that has as ingredients are tomato, cucumber, onion , Olive oil, garlic and some bread. Our proposals: The restaurant Doña Elvira (Plaza Doña Elvira, 6, Sevilla) or Bodeguita Casablanca (Adolfo Rodríguez Jurado street, number 12, Sevilla).

    The acclaimed paella of Valencian origin occupies the position number three of our list and although it has many varieties always maintains an ingredient, which is the rice. The classic option is to taste it in the middle of the beach: for example in the restaurant La Pepica (Paseo Neptuno, 2,6migas de turiel and 8, Valencia).

    Fourth, we have the crumbs of Teruel, this dish is derived from the stews of wheats that appeared in the sixteenth century. This dish consists of chopping bread and let it soak in water and salt for a day and then fry it with oil and garlic. It is usually accompanied with pieces of ham, chorizo, or even clusters of grapes. The migas prepared by La Fondica (ctra. De la Estación La Puebla de Valverde, Teruel).

    Last but not least, we have the Madrilenian stew which is part of the Mediterranean cuisine where a lot of ingredients are mixed to give the characteristic flavor to the dish. Some of the ingredients used are chickpeas, gelatinous meat, half hen, sausage, black pudding, salted pork, a ball (minced meat, breadcrumbs, 1 egg and spices), a cabbage, onion, cabbage, green beans , Rice, bacon, ham, oil and garlic. And if you do not dare with this recipe, one of the mythical places where you can try it in the most traditional way is in the restaurant Casa Carola (Calle Padilla, 54 local dcha, Madrid).

    Our visit was pleasant, full of lots of food, condiments, culture and charm. Come to Spain and do not forget to try these delicious dishes.


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