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    Spain local markets, a gourmet paradise.

    If you’re visiting Spain you can’t miss out on going to local markets, they are true culinary treasures where you can find surprising ingredients to create delicious dishes. There, you can taste all dishes as they are extensively rich and varied, and at the same time you can take a tour around the place.

    It is a real adventure when it comes to enjoying the local style and cultural influence of this country.

    These are some of the main markets we recommend you to visit.

    1.      San Miguel Market

    It is located at the center of Madrid, it’s a touristic place, the building still preserves its XX century structure, and it counts with a large variety of stalls, ranging from food to cosmetics. You can taste the best tapas; find wine storage alternatives, flower shops and cultural events.

    2.      San Anton Market

    It is the supply market where you can find a great variety of foods, fruits, and beverages. You can eat, stroll around, shop and enjoy gastronomy in its greater splendor here. It is currently one of the most modern markets and one of the most fashionable ones too, it is located in Chueca, Madrid.

    3.      Platea Madrid Market

    It is located in Milla de Oro in Madrid, is divided between Platea Dulce (sweet platea) where you can find pastry chefs and an enormous variety of sweets are available, and Platea Salada (salty platea) where you can enjoy the best tapas as well as national and international cuisine. This market is comprised of 5 levels, some of them offering live music and other areas of interest.

    4.      Huerto de Lucas Market

    It is an ecological market located in Chueca, it is new, it has only opened for business a few months ago, you’ll find the highest quality organic food here of all types, it also has an ecological pub. A regular walk around this place can turn into a healthy fun day.

    5.      Boqueria Market

    It is based in Las Ramblas of Barcelona is one of the most famous markets in the world; it is visited by large numbers of tourists who come to witness the grandeur of this place. The vast majority of fresh products are found here.

    Indulge yourself in wandering through the main local markets in your next visit to Spain and enjoy these tasty flavors all year round, take it as a personal reward!

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