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    The Spanish gastronomy is one of the most varied since their dishes contain many ingredients and are presented to the market in a different way. In Spain there are different traditions with food, they hold gastronomic festivals and not all are to taste.

    The first one I went to was La Batalla de Vino in La Rioja region, the idea of ??the whole festival is to bathe the other person with the largest amount of red wine and thus to be completely purple. Here I saw that not only wine is to accompany meals, you can also have fun with it. This alcoholic struggle sinks its roots in the sixth century, in the Pilgrimage to the Risks of Bilibio. Hundreds of years of evolution have turned it into what it is today, a fun war of all against which you have to participate dressed in white with a red scarf around your neck.



    If you want to attend a festival where you use your taste buds and not your hands you can go to the Orujo Festival in Cantabria. This party takes place in the Valley of Liébana which is a celebration centennial and in 2012 was declared as National Tourist Interest. The aim of this festival is to test the different liquors in the blind, which will conquer the palates of the most risky tasters. This was an unforgettable experience.

    La tomatina In Valencia is one of the festivals that I have enjoyed the most because over time I had always wanted to be there, since this is the best known throughout all time. It is a classic and is always performed in the streets of Buñol with an approximate 140 tons of tomatoes completely destroyed. It is a festival where we must be even once in a lifetime.

    Here I leave the three festivals that I enjoy the most during my trip to Spain. A journey without learning is a lost journey, no matter where you decide to go, because what really matters are the experiences that make you value what you have, grow as a person and have fun in a healthy way. I recommend that you come to Spain and be part of these festivals so that you can live the experience.

    la batalla del vino

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