• In CHEF OLÉ we had the pleasure to welcomes you to the wonderful world of Spanish food. All our products have been tested for us and we have taken the time to visit each one of our Spanish partners, there are companies with more than 100 years of history producing the best products of Europe.




    The Pacharan Liqueur

    Pacharán is a liqueur, whose alcohol content is between 25% and 30 % of the volume, obtained by macerating sloe fruit of black – bluish color Blackthorn in aniseed spirits, characteristic of Navarra.

    Navarre pacharán has to be red or deep pink. If it appears cloudy or sedimentary, it means that it has not been filtered properly. The brightness is a sign of youth and old age opaque shades. It must have an intense and fruity aroma and the smell of alcohol should not be noticed.