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    The Tasty Pate

    It is called a spreadable pâté usually made from white meat, red, vegetables, etc.
    Its name, borrowed from French pâté, refers precisely to the texture of “pasta” or “mass”.

    Its history dates back to the Middle Ages where it was mainly prepared with eel, mackerel, dove, goose, pork or venison, which over time was creating certain variants for marketing.

    It is noted that in the culinary history   there was a tendency to consider Pate and Foie Gras as equivalent, which was a mistake because the latter alone was prepared with duck or goose liver only.

    Within the range of pates, great options of differences exist between each other such as, for its ingredients, preparation, among other things.

    Pates can be made of: tuna, olives, beef, poultry, rabbits, ducks, geese, deer, and other animals hunting.