• In CHEF OLÉ we had the pleasure to welcomes you to the wonderful world of Spanish food. All our products have been tested for us and we have taken the time to visit each one of our Spanish partners, there are companies with more than 100 years of history producing the best products of Europe.




    The Vinegar

    Vinegar is a water miscible liquid with a bitter taste that comes from the acetic fermentation of alcohol.

    The history of vinegar confused with wine, since wine is legitimate father of vinegar. Holy books since biblical times, has known about it and also widely used it. It is claimed that vinegar is a product of the decomposition of wine, the result of an accidental event. Making vinegar, as true and proper industry, was born in the Middle Ages, the development and experience crafted in European cities. And in 1394 , the association called the Corporation of Vinegar recognizing the manufacturers was founded.